look the last on numerous of my black sports companions.

I have to say that I left the district of Natal with remorse, or rather I should say, its sports, climate, and also totally free life. My last day’s sport was excellent, for three dollars were fired, two of them being of the little blue buck species that I have prior to pointed out.

I rode around my old haunts to bid them farewell, as well as likewise to look the last on numerous of my black sports companions. The Kaffirs were all sorry to become aware of my purposed departure. And also desired to recognize where I was going and when I would certainly return. Many of them were much puzzled when they tried to assume exactly how people found the road on the sea.

They would state, “there were no routes or trees to mark the journey.

As well as the waves, were constantly altering their shapes.” It was tough to describe to these unmathematical minds the enigmas of “sights,” latitude and longitude, or the use of logarithms. I took care of to make them comprehend that by the stars and sunlight we comprehended our placement; they could not quite construct the system, as well as seemed to believe that there must be Takata (witchcraft) regarding it.

I wondered, as I left these poor black heathens, whether I should ever again satisfy in civilized hands as much honesty, Truth, as well as the indifferent relationship among the uncultivated and also oblivious; or whether I need to again live for 2 years amongst a country.

Who, although virtually oblivious of Christianity, as well as the instructions towards the right that is given by a knowledge of its easy charms, still had much of those good qualities that are seldom fulfilled in one of the most vaunted Christian countries. I embarked at Natal Bay in a little brigantine; an esteemed brother athlete is also a traveler. A sulky impudent Dutchman, with his wife and a child, were additionally sharers of the small cabin.

Bench at Natal is not disposed to be constantly favorable for ingress and also egress.

Sometimes 9 as well as 10 feet of water were discovered on it, as well as the next day yet 7. So it took place when we were leaving; for on the day before our tried separation, we were told there were quite 9 feet, but on our coming up to it we struck.

Luckily there was however a little swell on, yet still, the ship bumped really greatly, as well as seemed to bend under us like a wickerwork basket. The Dutchman, who got on deck; looked very white; he dived down below, as well as soon returned buttoning up his pockets. He considered us and also the captain, then at the coast.

Distant around 200 yards, with an intermediate glimpse of horror at two or three big dorsal fins that were sticking up out of the water, indicative of 10 feet long sharks which would certainly not have objected to our attempting a swim.

With the help of the port-boat sent out in advance we managed to get pulled off the bar, and also made it through one more flow, only just then recognized or practiced, which competed for some range along the shore, as well as ended up into the ocean past.